Print Publications

Against Couples in: Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1984.
Reprinted in: Applied Philosophy: Morals and Metaphysics in Contemporary Debate
edited by Brenda Almond and Donald Hill, Routledge 1991

In German translation:
Wider die Zweierbeziehung in
Sex und Philosophie: Zeitgenössische Beiträge
edited by Philipp Balzer and Klaus Peter Rippe, Deutscher Taschenbuchverlag (DTV) 2000.

I personally authorised the published translation.

A more contemporary presentation of the underlying thinking is available elsewhere on this website under the title Marriage as a moral disorder (> Reshaping the family). This second essay, which is structured and written entirely differently to Against Couples, has experienced different versions over the years, including a presentation at Brock University in 1999 and one at a conference of the Society for Applied Philosophy in 1994, this version having subsequently been published together with other conference papers by Avebury. The publication of a version in Philosophy Now in 1999 was aborted at the last moment for private reasons.

In the medium term I plan a further contribution on the subject, not to rehatch the arguments already available, but to address, in a spirit of facing the social reality of couples, how marriage and the institution of the couple may be attenuated peu à peu so as to accommodate the criticisms I have made. This would involve moving from absolute claims to a claim to temporary priority and putting parental duties centre-stage. Marriage, incidentally, disappeared with the advent of no-fault divorce and the consequent possibility – and reality – of unilateral dissolution, but the couple flourishes as never before, not infrequently at the expense of friendship and the flourishing of the persons both inside and outside the couple.

On another topic

Love and Personal Relationships in:
Introducing Applied Ethics, edited by Brenda Almond, Blackwell 1995.

The published version contains some distorting misprints and contrary to my express request merged paragraphs that should be kept separate.


An entirely distinct essay covering some of the same ground is:

The Two Sides of Love
that appeared in: Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1986.

Eroticism and Love in
American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 25 / No. 4, October 1988.

The essay contains some good writing of a literary sort, and it did me a world of good at the time to see it in print, for which I thank Nicholas Rescher, but the conception I was inching towards had not yet matured.
The same applies to a later attempt:

Personhood and Eroticism in
Philosophy Now, Issue 5, Spring 1993

In the intervening years I think I have made some progress on this most intractable of subjects, and I hope to produce a more well-rounded essay in the medium term.

Democracy Now in: Philosophy Now, Issue 46, May/June 2004

Edited by Paul Gilbert & Paul Gregory:
Nations, Cultures and Markets (Avebury, 1994).

My own contribution: "What is Cultural Imperalism?" is insignificant, but I had a lot of work producing the book. The debate has, needless to say, moved on, but I hope it may have served a purpose at the time.

Ein Konzept zur makroökonomischen Steuerung der Beschäftigung
in Forum Wirtschaftsethik Nr. 3,4 / November 2003

> Essay als PDF laden.

Book review:
Business Ethics: The State of the Art.
Edited by R. Edward Freeman. OUP 1991
Published in the Journal of Applied Philosophy, Volume 9 Number 2 1992
(The published version contains some serious misprints at the close)

In Search of Dialectic in Radical Philosophy, No. 15, Autumn 1976

An analytical critique of an attempt in a previous issue of Radical Philosophy to explain the nature of Marxist dialectic.


None. Contrary to appearances, I am not, nor have I, since undergraduate days at the University of Kent at Canterbury in the early 1970s, been a member of any academic or similar institution.
I pay my way in life, not badly, as a business translator:
The relevant associations I am a long-standing member of are: the Society for Applied Philosophy, the Society for Business Ethics, and Deutsches Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik (EBEN). I also have a somewhat dormant association with Philosophy Now magazine.